Assessor WT’s sector guide

¿What is the Assessor WT’s  Sector Guide ?

It is a specialized and categorized guide of companies related to the water treatment sector.

¿Who consults the Assessor WT’s Sector Guide?

The Assessor WT’s users are the ones who search into the platform even register or not register in the community. They work in companies related to the water treatment sector, those who use water equipment products, and design or choose equipment for water processes. They can be project engineers, design engineers, operation managers, maintenance engineers, technicians, environmental engineers, consultants, purchase managers (people who are able to recommend or make purchase decisions).

¿How can you be announced on Assessor WT’s Sector Guide?

Your company can be announced on Assessor WT’s  in two different ways: doing branding, introducing your company or the company’s products,  and gaining a  position as a referent company based on its  speciality or its category.

There are two plans:

Elite Plan - Pioneers

Free Basic Advertiser


¿What the Elite Plan - Pioneers  include?

Assessor WT Guide

This is the opportunity to appear in the specialized guide from  the water treatment sector. You can be categorized, be in the Latin American scope, and appear on the first places of the search.

Company’s Area

This is an area designed especially for your company where there is a clear description of it with the benefits and advantages of your company and your products. It includes:

  • Products (Quantity: five) Description of the product, uses, advantages, benefits and a way of contact. - Video  (Quantity: one). Promotional video of the company or product. (The video will be supplied by your company)
  • Unlimited Generation of leads.  A lead is an interest shown by Assessor’s users to have more information directly about your company or your products. Each opportunity will be clearly defined by a product or a service of interest, minimum contact data of the user or potential client.
  • Articles. These are technical articles that be shown by the  user to get to know its products, its applications, uses, selection of criteria, study cases. They must be  related to the company. The Elite plan includes up to 12 articles per year. These articles will be displayed on the Company’s Area of ​​your company, and these will also be categorized by a  content section.
  • Sponsorship Section. You can sponsor a content section related to your company. The sponsorship consists of a banner through the content of that section and it gives the user the understanding of what your company is sponsoring through a thematic content.
  • Sponsorship Product Category   - Directory of your products will be categorized and can be easily found in the directory or on the portal, you can be a sponsor for a product category.
  • Analytics: Report of the most relevant data associated with the Company’s Area, number of visualizations, clicks on products, etc.
  • Duration: Annual membership

For pioneers plan price please fill the form:



Once the information is sent, an Assessor will contact you.

Basic Free Membership

This is for all companies that want to register it for free in the Assessor WT’s Sector Guide. You will have to fill out the information online or send it by e-mail in which it will be validated by the Assessor WT administrator in order to be published.

What can you gain with a Basic Membership?

  • Categorize your company by type of supplier, and categorize its products. This makes that the visitor can find you easily in the guide.
  • A description of the company, and basic data.
  • Contact form where the visitor that is interested in your products can ask for information. Once the opportunity or lead will be created, Assessor WT will inform you that you have a lead so that you decide to buy it or take an Elite Plan that will allow you to have greater benefits including: receiving unlimited opportunities or leads.
  • Is necessary to be an Assessor’s user registered.